About Hwy 14 & MiniMax Self Storage

Contacting Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage by phone or email; Kathy or Amanda will schedule an appointment to fit your needs, meeting you on site at the location you desire. At this time we will show you the unit sizes you are inquiring about, determining the best fit for your needs. Upon finding the unit that fits your needs we will complete a contract, provide instruction on the operation of the secure cylinder lock and you are then all set to store with us! Kathy and Amanda take pride in making this fast and easy for our tenants, with excellent customer service as well.

Unit monthly rent is due the first of the month, providing a convenient and easy to remember due date for our tenants. Providing a pro-rated rent for your first months rent should you sign your lease agreement after the 1st of the month.

Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage provides a pro-rated rent your first month should you sign your contract with us after the date of the 1st. Your contract with us then runs month to month from the 1st of the month. A pro-rated rent is not available for your final rental month.

Yes, we do require a refundable security deposit on all rental units with Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage. With proper notice given by our tenants, the storage unit being vacated removing all of your belongings, and the provided cylinder lock being returned to us. Amanda or Kathy will verify the cleanliness and ensure no damage has occurred to the unit, then issuing your deposit refund on the 21st of the following month by mail to your attention.

Yes, per the contract we do require a 30 day notice on or before the 1st of the month in which you intend to vacate. We then ask that you contact us by phone or email when you have vacated your unit, allowing us to end your contract with Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage.

Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage may change rental specials from time to time. We are currently offering a special with 6 months of prepaid rent you will receive your 7th month FREE.

Our insurance covers the buildings located at each site but does NOT cover a tenants personal property within the storage unit. Hwy 14 & Mini Max Storage suggests by contract that you contact your insurance agent to discuss home owners, renters, or other insurance to cover your personal property.

Yes, you may store your vehicle, motorcycle, lawn mower, boats, ect. We do ask that if you know the item may leave oil stains on the concrete floor that you, the tenant place something underneath the item to protect the floor. This ensures cleanliness for yourself as well as fellow tenants with Hwy 14 & Mini Max Self Storage. Please be aware we do not provide electricity for tenants in any of our units.

Hwy 14 & Mini Max Storage does request the following none use requirements to ensure the safety and security of your personal property as well as your fellow tenants personal property:

You may not live, run a business or conduct yard sales of any form from a storage unit.

Items that are not to be stored with in a storage unit:

  • Food or any perishable items
  • Explosive and any other dangerous materials
  • Hazardous materials, etc.